Creating Amphetamine is hard work.

I created Amphetamine back in 2014 as a replacement for the aging Caffeine app. Since then, countless other keep-awake utilitieshave sprung up - some paid, some free. While most of these apps simply replicate the original feature set that Amphetamine 1.0 offered (inspired by Caffeine), Amphetamine has grown considerably in its feature set. Amphetamine has always been, and will always remain, 100% free with no ads or in-app-purchases.

Amphetamine is one of the most popular keep awake utilities on macOS, and is easily the most customizable and powerful of them all. Over the years, Amphetamine users like yourself have requested new features, reported bugs, and made suggestions to improve the Amphetamine experience. This takes time, energy, and sometimes, my own funds (example: Apple's developer program costs $99/year). While maintaining Amphetamine is a labor of love, some of you have requested a way to show your appreciation for Amphetamine through more than kind words. If you're one of those people, you can contribute to Amphetamine's development and success in the following ways:

•   Help Translate Amphetamine into another language

I only speak English. Sad, but true. Resources for localizing Amphetamine can be found here:

•   Tell the world how awesome you think Amphetamine is

Use social media to spread the word. Tell your friends and family to quit wasting money on other, less-capable keep-awake apps.

•   Rate Amphetamine on the Mac App Store

Sometimes folks don't read Amphetamine's description and give a 1-star review because Amphetamine can't do something I never advertised it could do. Sometimes people get mad about a crash or bug, and instead of working with me to identify and resolve the issue, they write a bad review. Set the record straight and give your honest review of Amphetamine on the Mac App Store.

Click here to rate Amphetamine on the Mac App Store

•   Contribute Code/Help Problem Solve

While Amphetamine is not currently open source, you can still help out with code contributions. I post questions to problems I encounter while working on Amphetamine here on Stack Overflowand here on Github.

•   Contribute Financially

Some folks have specifically requested a way to financially contribute. This is certainly a motivator to get updates out the door, but I do not intend for folks to feel like making a financial contribution is necessary.

Click here to make a financial contribution

Thank you for any and all support you provide towards making Amphetamine a huge success!

William Gustafson

Amphetamine Creator