A bug in macOS Catalina prevents versions of Amphetamine prior to 5.0 from being able to show its menu on all screens when, and only when, two or more screens are arranged vertically. To fix this issue, upgrade to Amphetamine 5.0 or higher. 

The following information pertains only to versions of Amphetamine prior to 5.0:

In some configurations, Amphetamine's menu will fail to display when clicking on Amphetamine's image in the menu bar. This issue is caused by a bug in macOS Catalina which has been reported to Apple (FB7416376). The issue is described here in Apple's developer forums and a sample project showing how to replicate the issue can be found here.

The issue occurs when the following configuration exists:

  • macOS Catalina
  • 2+ displays (external/built-in is irrelevant) connected to your Mac
  • displays are arranged vertically

When the above configuration exists, Amphetamine's menu fails to open when clicking the menu bar image similar to what is shown in the screen shots below taken from another app designed to illustrate the issue. The issue will only exist on one of the displays. If you click on Amphetamine's menu bar image on the other display, the menu will open.

This issue not only affects Amphetamine, but several other apps as well. While this issue is caused by a bug in macOS, the next release of Amphetamine, v4.3 (currently in development), will include a workaround. For the time being, please access Amphetamine's menu on the display which does not exhibit the issue.

Top display:

Bottom display: