What has changed?

In versions of Amphetamine prior to 4.0, there was an option to have a system notification delivered whenever a session was manually started or stopped (i.e. choosing a duration from Amphetamine's menu, using hot keys etc.). This option has been removed from Amphetamine⁴ and there are no current plans to reintroduce it.

Why change notifications?

There was overlap between session reminders and session notifications. A goal for Amphetamine⁴ was to simplify where possible and reduce clutter, streamlining Amphetamine. For the most part, manual session notifications were redundant. Manual session start/end requires you to take some action. Amphetamine's menu bar icon updates to indicate a session state change with active or inactive distinguished by two different images.

What replaced this functionality?

If you're running Amphetamine 4.0.2 or higher, session reminders deliver a notification upon starting a new session manually. To enable session reminders, visit Amphetamine Preferences → Notifications.

What about Trigger notifications?

Notifications for when a session automatically starts or ends are still configurable. Visit Amphetamine Preferences → Notifications to enable these notifications.

What if I have Amphetamine's menu bar icon hidden?

If you're using software such as Bartender to hide Amphetamine's icon, you will either need to unhide Amphetamine's icon, or set Amphetamine's icon to show for a brief period after it updates.

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