Some apps and processes are not available for selection due to security features in macOS. Read more about those features here.

Despite the limitations set in place by Apple, you may be able to achieve your goal of using Amphetamine to keep your Mac awake when the inaccessible app or process is running.

Double-Check That Amphetamine Can't See the App/Process

  • First, make sure that the app or process is running. Amphetamine can only see apps and processes that are running. Use Activity Monitor to check if you are unsure.
  • Ensure that the app or process is not being hidden by Amphetamine by unchecking the "Don't show helper apps or processes in list" box.

While App is Running popover:

Trigger Configuration window:

Triggering Amphetamine Externally

If you confirm that Amphetamine cannot see the app or process you intend to use, and you are confident that the app or process is running, the issue is like macOS's security features. Your only option at this point is to use an external trigger (not to be confused with Amphetamine's Triggers feature) to activate an Amphetamine session.

Amphetamine can be triggered to start a session via AppleScript. Use Amphetamine's scriptability to achieve your goal.

Example idea:

Create a launch agent that executes a shell script on a regular interval to check for a running app or process. If the check evaluates true, use osascript to trigger Amphetamine.

See this guide on controlling Amphetamine with AppleScript.

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