If you receive an error when trying to connect to a Bluetooth device using Toothpicks, try the troubleshooting steps listed below. It is important to note that Toothpicks itself does not actually manage device connection/disconnection. Toothpicks uses a macOS API to hand-off connect/disconnect attempts to the operating system (macOS). Troubleshooting device connection issues means troubleshooting macOS.

Turn it Off and On, Part I

  • Visit  → System Preferences → Bluetooth
  • Click the Turn Bluetooth Off button, or click the Turn Bluetooth On button if Bluetooth is already off
  • If you have turned Bluetooth off, click the Turn Bluetooth On button
  • Retry your device connection


Turn it Off and On, Part II

  • If your device has a power switch, try turning off your device
  • Leave your device off for a few seconds (5 should be enough) before turning it on again
  • Retry your device connection

Reboot Your Mac

  • Visit  → Restart...
  • Click the Restart button
  • Log back into your Mac and make sure Toothpicks is launched
  • Retry your device connection

Reset Your Mac's Bluetooth Module

  • Visit  → System Preferences → Bluetooth
  • Check the box that says "Show Bluetooth in menu bar"
  • Locate the Bluetooth icon in your menu bar
  • Hold the Option and Shift keys on your keyboard then click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar
  • Navigate to the Debug menu
  • Select the Reset Bluetooth module menu item
  • Click OK to continue when prompted
  • Retry your device's connection