In rare cases, some or all of Amphetamine's preferences may not save as expected or are reset to their default values upon restarting Amphetamine or rebooting your Mac.

The most common solution is to simply reset Amphetamine's preferences.

How to Reset Amphetamine's Preferences

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How to Reset Amphetamine's Individual Preferences:

You can also delete an individual preference by running a command in Terminal. To get a list of all available values, take the following steps:

1. Launch from /Applications/Utilities

2. In a new Terminal window, enter the following command and press return:   


   defaults read com.if.Amphetamine

   You will then see a list of output like the following:


   "Allow Closed-Display Sleep" = 1;

   "Allow Display Sleep" = 0;

   "Allow Screen Saver" = 0;

   "Always Ask to End For Low Battery" = 0;

   "Hide Dock Icon" = 1;


   ... etc.

3. Find the specific preference name (in quotes) you are looking to reset and craft a new command as follows

   defaults delete com.if.Amphetamine 'preference name goes here'

   Using the example output from step 2 above, the command to reset the Hide Dock Icon preference would be:

   defaults delete com.if.Amphetamine 'Hide Dock Icon'

4. Quit Amphetamine

5. In a Terminal window, enter the command you just created in step 3 and press return

6. Restart Amphetamine

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