If you have Amphetamine configured to allow display sleep, but find that your display continues to stay awake, follow these steps to confirm and resolve the issue...

1. Confirm that Amphetamine is actually the app responsible for keeping your display awake

  • Open the Terminal from /Applications/Utilities
  • In a new Terminal window, type the command   pmset -g assertions | grep "Amphetamine"
  • Observe the output from the command in the Terminal window

If Amphetamine is keeping your display awake you will see one of these two lines in the output:

PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep named: "Amphetamine - Display (Single Use)"


PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep named: "Amphetamine - Display (Trigger)"

If you do not see either of these lines in the output from the Terminal command, Amphetamine is not keeping your display awake. Double-check other applications and your Mac's System Preferences to ensure that you have not prevented display sleep through some other means. Additionally, some displays do not support sleep at all, though these are usually older displays. Contact your display's manufacturer if you have any questions about whether your display supports sleep.

If you do see either of these lines in the Terminal command's output, proceed to #2.

2. Confirm Amphetamine's preferences are set correctly

 If you see "Amphetamine - Display (Trigger)"in the Terminal command's output, a Trigger has been configured to prevent display sleep. Each Trigger has the ability to prevent or allow display sleep, independent of the "global" preference set in the Preferences → General tab. To edit the Trigger's display sleep configuration, visit Preferences → Triggers and double-click on the Trigger you want to edit. When the Trigger criteria configuration window opens, ensure the Allow display to sleep when this Trigger activates a session option is selected.

If you see "Amphetamine - Display (Single Use)" in the Terminal command's output, a manual session activation is keeping your display awake. This session was likely activated by choosing a session duration from Amphetamine's menu, but it could have been through other means, such as AppleScript. Double check that the preference for Allow display to sleep is selected in Preferences → General. If selected, and your display is not sleeping, try toggling the Allow display to sleeppreference off and on, starting a new session each time, and checking the Terminal output by running the command again. If no changes to the Terminal command are occurring despite selecting and deselecting the Allow display to sleep preference, you may need to reset Amphetamine's preferences.

3. Reset Preferences

If you have ensure that Amphetamine's preferences are set correctly, but a still seeing output from Step 1 indicating that Amphetamine is keeping your Mac's display awake, try resetting Amphetamine's preferences:

  • Quit Amphetamine
  • Open the Terminal from /Applications/Utilities
  • In a new Terminal window, type the command  defaults delete com.if.Amphetamine 'Allow Display Sleep'
  • Relaunch Amphetamine and open Preferences → General
  • Ensure Allow display to sleep is selected
  • Start a new session and then repeat step #1 to determine if Amphetamine is keeping your display awake

If your display still won't sleep, try a more thorough reset of Amphetamine's preferences. Note that this reset will result in losing all Triggers and other configuration:


How to Reset Amphetamine's Preferences


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