Amphetamine version 5.2 introduced a new alert for closed-display mode session failures. Prior to version 5.2, some Macs experienced an issue with closed-display mode sessions failing "silently" when switching the Mac from battery power to an external power source/adapter.

At the time of version 5.2's release, it was my understanding that all Macs were affected by this issue. This was evidenced by a significant number of support requests I received from Amphetamine users, as well as my own experience with three different Macs (13" MacBook Pro, 16" MacBook Pro, 12" MacBook) that I have access to test Amphetamine on. It is now clear that not all Macs are affected by this issue, however, and I have not been able to find a reliable way to identify which Macs are affected.

Unfortunately, in the event that your Mac is affected by this issue, there does not appear to be a way for Amphetamine to avoid or otherwise prevent the failed closed-display mode from occurring. Once the closed-display mode session fails, your Mac will immediately sleep and Amphetamine is blocked from executing any additional code to address the failure or recover the failed session. The only solution at this time is to manually restart closed-display mode session. The failed closed-display mode session alert is designed to make users aware of the failure and allow them to restart the session if desired.

For Macs that are unaffected by this issue, Amphetamine version 5.2.1 adds an option to disable automatic closed-display mode session termination. When Amphetamine detects the conditions that could potentially result in a failed closed-display mode session, you will be alerted. In the alert window, you may elect to disable this feature for future closed-display mode sessions.

Is My Mac Affected?

If your Mac charges via a MagSafe port, I do not believe it is affected. Amphetamine version 5.2.1 no longer attempts to auto-terminate closed-display mode sessions when the power source changes.

If your Mac charges via USB-C or Thunderbolt 3, your Mac may be affected. To test whether your Mac is affected by this issue, perform the following steps:

1. Connect your Mac to an external power source/adapter

2. Launch Amphetamine version 5.2.1 or higher and start a closed-display mode session

3. Play some audio on your Mac, such as a YouTube video or a track in the Music app

4. Close the display/lid of your Mac

5. Disconnect your Mac from the external power source/adpater

Does the audio continue to play? If YES, continue... if not, your Mac is affected.

6. Reconnect your Mac to an external power source/adapter

7. The closed-display mode session will auto-terminate

8. Open your Mac's display/lid and observe the alert from Amphetamine

9. Check the box labeled "Disable automatic closed-display mode session termination" in the alert

10. Dismiss the alert by clicking the "OK" button

11. Start a new closed-display mode session

12. Start audio playback again

13. Close the display/lid of your Mac

14. Disconnect your Mac from the external power source/adpater (audio should continue to play as before)

15. Reconnect your Mac to an external power source/adapter

Does the audio continue to play? 

If YES, your Mac is not affected.

If NO, your Mac is affected.

Since you have disabled Amphetamine's auto-termination of failed closed-display mode sessions, you can feel confident that Amphetamine itself is not responsible for terminating the closed-display mode session. It will appear, however, that the closed-display session is still running. There will be no indication that the session has indeed failed.

Re-enable Failed Closed-Display Mode Alerts/Auto-Termination

To reenable failed closed-display mode session failure alerts/auto-termination, visit Amphetamine Preferences → General → Reset Warnings And Dialogs.

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