Starting in 2020, Apple changed the chip architecture technology used in Macs to one of their own design This new chip architecture is called Apple Silicon. Prior to 2020, Macs used chips with a different architecture, which were designed by Intel Corporation. If you've purchased a new Mac. in recent years, there's a good chance it's an Apple Silicon Mac.

Because of the significant differences between architectures, apps that were built solely for Intel Macs can't run on Apple Silicon Macs without some help. Apple includes a translation software called Rosetta in macOS that allows Macs with Apple silicon to use apps built for a Mac with an Intel chip.

App developers can build their apps in a way that allows them to be run on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, without the need for using the macOS Rosetta translation software.  Amphetamine has this ability.

If Amphetamine has alerted you that it is using Rosetta, that means your Apple Silicon Mac is running the Intel version of Amphetamine. This can lead to some features not working as expected in Amphetamine. Intel Macs and Apple Silicon Macs have different hardware and features and Amphetamine needs to run different sets of its code depending on your Mac's chip architecture. When running using Rosetta, Amphetamine sees your Mac as an Intel Mac and executes the wrong code.

To fix this issue:

Open Finder by click its icon in your Dock, 

Go to the Applications folder, and click once to select Amphetamine

In Finder's menu, choose FileGet Info

In the Amphetamine Info window that appears, uncheck the box label Open Using Rosetta

Finally, quit and relaunch Amphetamine

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