By default, Amphetamine's icon will appear in the Dock and app switcher (seen when using command-tab to switch between apps). This is required by Apple for whatever reason. Amphetamine has been rejected from the App Store by Apple previously because its Dock icon was hidden by default. Thus, if you want to hide Amphetamine's icon in the Dock or app switcher, you will need to take action.

Update Preferences

Visit Amphetamine's Preferences → General tab and check/uncheck the box next to Hide Amphetamine's icon in the Dock


Catalina Issues

A small number of people have reported that after upgrading to macOS Catalina (10.15), Amphetamine re-appears in the Dock and adjusting the preference to show/hide the Dock icon does not work. This issue is most often resolved by removing Amphetamine from the Login Items in System Preferences.

Click here for more information.

Mojave's Recent Applications Feature

In macOS Mojave (10.14), Apple introduced a new section to the Dock called "recent applications." This feature will show a collection of applications opened recently, regardless of whether they present an icon in the Dock. Until Apple provides a way for developers to exclude their applications from appearing in the recent applications section of the Dock, you'll need to turn off this feature if you're seeing Amphetamine's icon there.

To turn off this feature, visit  → System Preferences → Dock → Show recent applications in the Dock and uncheck the box next to the preference.

Resetting Amphetamine's Preferences

If you're still having issues with Amphetamine's Dock Icon not showing or hiding as expected, please proceed with resetting Amphetamine's preferences. Click here for instructions.

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